English Setter Factoids

The first dog ever registed by the AKC was an English Setter named "Adonis". He was registered as Dog #1 Volumn 1.

OTCH Cornell's Queen Princess was the First English Setter to earn an Obedience Trial Champion.

The first ever recorded field trial in the United States occurred in 1884 near Memphis, Tennessee. The immortalized winner was a setter owned by H. C. Pritchett

The first ever AKC licensed field trial was held in 1924 by the English Setter Association of America.

The ESAA was formed in 1931 by a group of English Setter breeders at a meeting held at the office of the American Kennel Club. William Carroll Wilson was elected the first President. A list of 187 charter members was approved at this first meeting.

The Field Trial Hall of Fame was created in 1954. The first English Setter elected was Antonio in 1964.

The first authentic registry of dogs in the United States occurred on March 11, 1876, when the Chicago Field (now the American Field) opened a free registry of all dogs used in field sports. Adonis was also the first dog registed.

The winner of the innaugural National Bird Dog Championship was a setter, "Count Gladstone IV" , in West Point, Mississippi, 1896.

The "one-course trial" was pioneered by the English Setter Club of America (not to be confused with the ESAA) in 1913.

The term belton was first used by Edward Laverack, taken from the name of a town near which he hunted in Northumberland, England. "Ponto" and "Old Moll", Laverack's foundation animals, were both blue beltons, (a preference of Laverack). Because many of the setters in the Belton area carried this distinctive color scheme, Laverack adopted the town name to describe it.

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