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A review of English Setter books (Alphabetical Order)

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The English Setter
Lesley Allan-Scott
© 1989 Popular Dogs Publishing Co., LTD
A comprehensive book on the English Setter and is an improvement of the 1975 edition.

The English Setter
Lesley Allan-Scott
© 1975 K & R Books
This book while tiny, is incredibly packed with alot of information. This book is a precursor to the 1989 version.

English Setters
Beverly Pisano
© 1988 T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
This book is basically a generic dog book with an English Setter cover. It does have some unique English Setter photos and is of some value to owners.

English Setters - Ancient and Modern
Their History in the Field and on the Bench and Their General Care
Margaret Barnes
© 1982 Muffin Books
Comprehensive, coffee-table sized edition of history and pedigree/stud dog/show record/and field trial info on English Setters in Great Britain from as early as 1870 through 1975. A wonderful record of the basis of the breed as it was evolved in England in both the show and field arena.

English, Gordon, and Irish Setter Roots
Ray-Lynn McAlpine, Editor
© 1991 Ray-Lynn McAlpine
A complete reprint of The Setter by Edward Laverack, 1872, and excerpts from The Dog by " Idstone " Circa 1872, The Dogs of Great Britain, America, and Other Countries by " Stonehenge " 1879, and other dog writers from the 1800's. The cornerstone of this book is The Setter by Laverack. That alone should put it in your library.

How to Raise and Train an English Setter
Susan S. Maire
© 1964 T.F.H. Publications
A very generic book. Its value is purely nostalgic!

Hutchinson on Setters
England, circa 1930
Reprinted 1980 By Donald R. Hoflin
This is actually the Setter Section of Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia. Has lots of nice old photos and illustrations. Covers the English, Gordon and Irish Setter.

Know Your Setters and Pointers
Raising, Care, and Field Training
William F. Brown, editor American Field Publishing Company
The Pet Library LTD
Boy do these " Know Your " series books bring back memories. When I was a kid I had Know Your Saint Bernard and Know Your Bettas! It does have some unique photographs and actually is not a bad book.

The Llewellin Setter
© 1992 Alfred O King, Sr.
The only book to exclusively focus on the development of the Llewellin Setter. King has been a breeder and hunter of Llewellins for over 30 years.

The New Complete English Setter 4th Edition
Davis H. Tuck
Revised by Elsworth Howell and Judy Graef
© 1982 Howell Book House, Inc.
Considered to be the American bible for this breed. Excellent! No legitimate English Setter should be without this one. While an excellent reference, this book is probably due for an update. Older editions of this book also belong in your bookcase.

Pointers and Setters
Derry Argue
© 1989 Popular Dogs Publishing Co., LTD
An excellent reference on field training Pointers and Setters. Lots of paintings on these breeds which also includes a color illustration from Laverack's The Setter. There is also a companion video which is a must see.

Pointers and Setters
Wildemar Marr
© 1979 The Argue Sporting Agency
A complete reprint from Marr's 1963 important book on Pointers and Setters.

General Dog Books

While these books might not be English Setter specific, they do offer valuable information for English Setter owners.

The AKC's World of the Pure-Bred Dog
A Celebration of the Pure-Bred Dog in America
Edited by Duncan Barnes and the Staff of The American Kennel Club
© 1983 Gramercy Publishing Company
This book has over 350 splendid line, etching, halftone illustrations (and a special full-color section from AKC's famous art collection).

Field Trials
History, Management, and Judging Standards
William F. Brown
© 1977, 1982 A. S. Barnes and Company, Inc.
This authoritative book evokes all those marvelous dogs that have competed and the wonderful people who have made field trials such a great sport.

Just Dogs
A Literary and Photographic Tribute to the Great Hunting Breeds
© 1988 Willow Creek Press
An absolutely beautiful book. I would actually like to give this book two thumbs, but I would show my prejudice for books with lots of pictures. And boy does this book have some awesome photos.

A Guide to Successful Handling in AKC Pointing Breed Hunting Tests
Mark Powell
Attwatter Publishing
If you want to enter your English Setter in an AKC Hunt Test, here's your book.

The Intelligence of Dogs
Stanley Coren
© 1994 The Free Press
A controversial but fascinating book. Probably the first book that doesn't treat all breeds as equals.

The Complete Dog Book 18th Edition
© 1992 Howell Book House - Macmillan - USA
The photograph, history, and official standards of every breed admitted to AKC registration, and the selection, training, breeding, care, and feeding of pure-bred dogs.

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